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College of Business Administration

Graduate and Professional Education

The College of Business Administration offers MBA, Online PMBA, MS-Data Analyitics and MAcc programs. The college provides important academic and program resources that help students succeed, including: 

  • Advising
  • Scholarships
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • K-State Business Executive Mentor Program
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Internships

Scholarships and Assistantships

The CBA offers scholarships and paid graduate assistantships, which may also carry a partial tuition waiver.  As a Graduate Assistant (GA), you will work closely with faculty members on a variety of projects such as conducting research studies, assisting with the undergraduates' projects or grading undergraduate papers and exams.

Executive Mentor Program

The College of Business Executive Mentor Program is available for graduate students.  This program provides students with the opportunity to learn from highly successful and experienced executives by forging long-lasting, professional relationships.

Read about Rebecca Spexarth's 48 Hours in Mumbai (pdf)

Technology Entrepreneurship Intern Program (pdf)

This program provides students pursuing their graduate degrees with classroom and real-world exposure to all aspects of technology development and venture creation. The program exposes graduate students to hands-on work in the

  • creation of innovation,
  • protection of intellectual property, and
  • licensing and commercialization of patented technologies.

During the Internship, students work in three organizations that provide in-depth understanding of how technologies reach the marketplace.

Please contact lwaugh@ksu.edu for more details.

Advisory Council

The graduate studies advisory council promotes a partnership between the college and the business community to improve the graduate education in the MBA and PMBA programs. The council meets twice a year to discuss various approaches to support the graduate programs, including offering internships, scholarships and jobs, reviewing academic curriculum and providing student practicum projects. 

Professional Education

The College of Business Administration offers Professional Education seminars in the Kansas City area that enhance the leadership and business knowledge of professionals on applied business concepts.  Seminars have been given on entrepreneurship, innovation, business success metrics, among a wide variety of other business concepts. Register for this semester's Professional Education seminars.

Ms. Lynn Waugh

Graduate Program Specialist
2006 Business Building
1301 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-7809 fax

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.