Student Organizations

The College of Business at K-State has a long list of student organizations that give our students the opportunity to get connected, exhibit leadership, and network. These student organizations are diverse in nature. Some represent majors, others are open to everyone.

CBA Student Organizations

CBA Affiliated Student Organizations and Opportunities

The Dean's Student Advisory Council

The Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is the premier organization in the College of Business Administration. This group, comprised of the presidents of each CBA student organization and Student Governing Association student senators, sets new initiatives and programs for the college. For more information about the Dean's Student Advisory Council or for event inquiries involving multiple student organizations, contact the Student Success Center or the DSAC president Jacqueline Varney.

Student Senators

There are 60 elected member of Student Senate. The College of Business is represented by seven student senators that are elected each spring to serve a one year term. Student Senate is responsible for determining student fee money allocations and establishing policies for the K-State student body. To learn more about serving the College of business as a student senator please visit

2023-2024 Student Senators

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