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Management Information Systems Club

The Kansas State MIS Club is a student driven organization focused on the management of information systems. Management Information Systems (MIS), covers a wide variety of subject areas. MIS includes, but is not limited to: Customer relationship management, decision support systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management and the process of analyzing and designing new information systems.

General Club Information:

What we can do for you
For Students: If you are interested in technology and management, want an opportunity to connect with employers and learn new technical skills, and want to gain leadership experience while working in small groups for resume development, we are the club for you!
We generally provide an overarching project each year that you can be involved with. Additionally, we provide committee work on various smaller projects so members have more opportunities to gain experience and/or new technical skills.

For Employers: We provide you with a venue to disseminate your career and employment opportunities during our meetings and/or via our listserv.

Join our e-mail listserv
If the KSU MIS Club sounds like the club for you, then join our e-mail listserv! The MIS Club member's listserv will provide you with the most current information about our meetings and information targeted to the MIS field. To join, email the KSU MIS Club at misclub@ksu.edu.

Member requirements
Currently the KSU MIS Club does not require a membership fee from those who attend our meetings. However, in return for this, we ask that if you come to our meetings and that you are ready to listen, learn, and ask questions. Typically the students who attend our meetings are MIS and CIS majors, but it is not a requirement to be declared as one of these two majors. If you are passionate about technology, or want to learn more about technology, then you are a perfect member for our club.

In addition to providing you opportunities to gain new experiences, at the conclusion of each spring semester, we give you a chance to express your experiences with the KSU MIS Club to win financial awards. These winning scholarship applications are announced each year during the May meeting on the basis of scholastic achievement, club involvement and project activities.

When scholarship applications become available each April via our MIS Club members e-mail listserv and this website, interested members should e-mail their completed application to Dr. Chilton (mchilton@ksu.edu).  


Russell Boyer, Faculty Advisor
Phone: (785) 532-7346

Graham Wood, President

For more information and to be added to the MIS Club Listserve, contact