Spring 2019 | K-State Business Insights

People Shaking Hands

What is the impact of salesperson networking behaviors on sales performance?

Salespeople are often encouraged to conduct networking with a range of people and stakeholders, including their peers, customers, and other professionals. However, do these activities actually influence sales outcomes?


Contentious clients and taxes: Best practices for persuading a difficult client

Many people dislike paying taxes, but it really becomes a problem for accounting firms when a client disputes the professional's advice and is wrong about a correct tax treatment. How can tax professionals best deal with these types of interactions?

international assignment

Could turning down an international assignment be damaging to your career?

Many organizations need employees who are willing to accept international assignments in order to manage or expand the organization’s global operations. However, some employees are either unwilling or unable to accept international assignments, thus disrupting their company’s plans and possibly damaging their own career progression.

ceo succession

CEO Succession: How to minimize the impact when your CEO retires

CEO retirement is the most common form of succession among U.S. public firms, but what can firms do to better manage public perception when that time comes?

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