Amy Hageman

Professor hageman
KPMG Ralph Crouch Professor
Department of Accounting

Office: 2061 Business Building
Mailing Address: 2139 Business Building
1301 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-4484

Research Goals

Amy Hageman studies public interest elements of taxation. Specific research interests include tax professional and taxpayer judgment and decision making, and antecedents and consequences of tax policy.

Current Research & Consulting Projects

  • Understanding how the charitable contribution tax deduction affects taxpayers’ charitable donations.
  • Examining the hiring decisions for past whistleblowers.
  • Testing how social capital affects taxpayers’ tax compliance decisions.
  • Understanding how audit burden affects subsequent tax compliance decisions.
  • Analyzing the theoretical underpinnings of tax policy debates.
  • Examining how state and local taxes affect state-to-state domestic migration.
  • Understanding tax professionals’ reliance on incomplete information.

Major Accomplishments

  • Internal Awards: CBA Outstanding Researcher Award (2014), Department of Accounting Outstanding Researcher Award (2016, 2014, 2011), CBA Kansas State Bank Teaching Award (2013), CBA Developing Scholar Award (2011), Department of Accounting Outstanding Teacher Award (2011)
  • External Awards: Best Paper Award for the 2018 AAA Public Interest Section Mid-Year Meeting (2018), Best Paper Award for Corproate Governance: An International Review (2017, awarded in 2018), Outstanding Author Contribution Award by the Emerald Literari Network (2017, 2013, 2011), Best Research Paper Award by the 17th Annual Ethics Symposium (2012), Best Conference Paper Award by the AIB-SE (2011),
  • Chair of Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association, 2016-2018.
  • Incoming Senior Editor for the AAA journal Accounting and the Public Interest, effective 2018.
  • Published in journals such as AOS, JATA, BRIA, JBE, JAPP, API, and others

Publications (Last 5 Years)

  • Bobek, D. D., D. Dalton, A. M. Hageman, and R. Radtke. 2018. An experiential investigation of tax professionals' contentious interactions with clients. Forthcoming at Journal of the American Taxation Association (American Accounting Association).
  • Lee, W. M. E. and A. M. Hageman. 2018. Talk the talk or walk the walk? An examination of sustainability accounting implementation. Forthcoming at Journal of Business Ethics (Springer).
  • Cho, C., A. M. Hageman, and T. Jerome. 2017. Eye-tracking experiments in social and environmental accounting research. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal (Taylor & Francis), 37 (3): 155-173.
  • Alon, A. and A. M. Hageman. 2017. An institutional perspective on corruption in transition economies. Corporate Governance: An International Review (Wiley), 25: 155-166. (Winner of the 2017 Best Paper Award.)
  • Bobek, D. D., Dalton, D., B. Daugherty, A.M. Hageman, and R. R. Radtke. 2017. An investigation of ethical environments of CPAs: Public accounting versus industry. Behavioral Research in Accounting (American Accounting Association), 29 (1): 43-56.
  • Hageman, A. M. and D. G. Fisher. 2016. The influence of client attributes and organizational climate on tax professionals. Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting (Emerald), 20: 31-66. (Winner of the 2017 Outstanding Author Contribution Award.)
  • Bobek, D. D., J. Chen, A. M. Hageman, and Y. Tian. 2016. Are more choices better? An experimental investigation of the effectiveness of multiple tax incentives. Journal of the American Taxation Association (American Accounting Association), 38 (2): 111-128.
  • Bobek, D. D., A. M. Hageman, and R. R. Radtke. 2015. The effects of professional role, decision context, and gender on the ethical decision making of public accounting professionals. Behavioral Research in Accounting (American Accounting Association), 27 (1): 55-78.
  • Hageman, A. M., D. Bobek, and L. Luna. 2015. The influence of state sales and use taxes on manufactures’ capital expenditures and manufacturing employment. Public Finance Review (SAGE), 43 (4): 458-484.
  • Bobek, D. D., A. M. Hageman, and R. R. Radtke. 2015. The influence of roles and organizational fit on accounting professionals’ perceptions of their firms’ ethical environments. Journal of Business Ethics (Springer) 126: 125-141.
  • Hageman, A. M. and D. D. Bobek Schmitt. 2014. Institutional and Political Antecedents of Inter-Jurisdictional Tax Harmonization: Lessons from Three States. Accounting and the Public Interest (American Accounting Association), 14: 1-33
  • Bobek, D. D., A. M. Hageman, and R. R. Radtke. 2014. A research note on the relationship between client advocacy and professional skepticism in accounting. Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research (Emerald), 17: 161-182.
  • Davis, A. and A. M. Hageman. 2014. An exploration of the antecedents and consequences of state income tax nexus: Does economic nexus really benefit states? Journal of the American Taxation Association (American Accounting Association), 36 (1): 105-136.
  • Alon, A. and A. M. Hageman. 2013. The impact of corruption on firm tax compliance in transitional economies: Whom do you trust? Journal of Business Ethics (Springer), 116 (3): 479-494.
  • Hageman, A. M. and D. G. Fisher. 2013. Student attitudes about the use of the code book in an introductory tax class. Advances in Accounting Education (Emerald), 14: 213-236.
  • Bobek, D. D., A. M. Hageman, and C. A. Kelliher. 2013. Analyzing the role of social norms in tax compliance behavior. Journal of Business Ethics (Springer) 115 (3): 451-468.

Areas of Teaching



Ph D, University of Central Florida, 2009.
Major: Business Administration - Accounting

Masters of Accountancy, Kansas State University, 2002.
Major: Accounting

BS, Kansas State University, 2001.
Major: Accounting and Finance