Major in Marketing at K-State


Marketing is a broad, dynamic field with many interesting opportunities. Our students learn not only in the classroom settings, but also through internship and co-op opportunities, by touring corporations, and exposure to visiting marketing executives. Quality education and real-world experience prepare our students for exciting and rewarding careers in marketing.

With business becoming increasingly competitive, marketing has become more important than ever before. Marketing involves

  • determining consumer needs,
  • translating those needs into products and services, and
  • selling them in a highly competitive global marketplace.

It requires analytical skills, as well as intuition, logic, and creativity.


Opportunities to excel

As a marketing student, you will have many opportunities to enhance your educational experience.

  • Our National Strategic Selling Institute was recently founded to advance the relationship selling profession through leadership in interdisciplinary academic education, highly impactful research, and valued outreach activity.

  • Students from any major can apply to earn a Certificate in Professional Strategic Selling that allows them to distinguish themselves by demonstrating professionalism and competency in selling skills.

  • In addition to the lab, you may join the K-State Sales Cats Sales Team to participate in competitions around the country.

  • Students experience hands-on technology applications and earn industry certifications in the Marketing Technology Certificate program.

  • The Business of Sports and Entertainment Certificate program provides students with a deep understanding of the role of sports and entertainment in business, enhanced by hands-on, real-time experiential learning opportunities.

  • And you may become a member of the Pi Sigma Epsilon co-ed fraternity for students in marketing, sales, and management.

To learn more, visit the Marketing Department.