Master of Accountancy

Master of Accountancy

As in the accounting undergraduate degree, Master of Accountancy students will prepare for a career in Corporate Accounting & Finance (CMA path) or Professional Accounting (CPA path). Regardless of the path, students will be challenged with cutting-edge topics such as Accounting Analytics, Financial Statement Analysis, and International and Multijurisdictional Taxation.

The Master of Accountancy is designed to be completed in two regular semesters and one summer term. It has been accredited separately by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and is certified by the the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

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Specialization Concentrations

Specialization concentrations each require 30 total credit hours, and each concentration includes coursework in data analytics.


*Integrative/Culminating Experience:
All students must complete one of the following four activities as an integrative/culminating experience as part of the Master of Accountancy program. The experience must be completed after admission to the program, or after commencement of graduate coursework, whichever is earlier.

  • An approved study abroad experience (ACCTG 896) of at least 7 days (for or not for credit).
  • An approved internship (ACCTG 895) consisting of at least four weeks of full-time work (for or not for credit).
  • A course such as GENBA 890 Business Capstone involving a semester-long hands-on project.
  • A written comprehensive exam.

Consult with your Master of Accountancy advisor prior to commencing any integrative/culminating activity for pre-approval.

College of Business Administration

Department of Accounting
Terry Mason
Koch Industries MAcc Director
Associate Professor of Accounting
Edgerley Family Chair in Business Administration Faculty of Distinction


CBA Graduate Programs 
Danielle Fischer 
Graduate Academic Advisor