Accelerated & Dual Programs

Accelerated & Dual Degree Programs

Accelerated programs allow students to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years. Typically, students begin master's degree coursework in their senior year, and finish their master's degree one year later.

Dual degree programs allow students to graduate with two master's degrees. In many instances core courses for one program can double as electives for another, saving time and money. Students who pair their degree with a Masters of Business Administration have broad marketability and career flexibility.

terry and student

Accelerated B.S. in Business Admin + M.S. in Data Analytics

bus building

Accelerated B.S. in Computer Science + MBA


Accelerated B.S. in Economics + MBA


ansley and student

Accelerated B.S. in Economics + Master of Business Administration

Chwen and student

Accelerated B.S. in Mechanical Engineering + Masters of Business Administration

Terry and students

Accelerated B.S. in Accounting + Master of Accountancy


Lynn and student

Dual Degree: Master of Agribusiness + Professional Master of Business Administration

Michael and student

Dual Degree: Master of Business Administration + M.S. in Hospitality Administration