Center for Principled Business

Center for Principled Business

The Mission of the Center for Principled Business is to engage in teaching and research activities that develop business leaders and enhance societal prosperity. The Center offers cross-disciplinary research and academic and co-curricular programs for K-State students, high school students, and working professionals.


The vision of the Center is to be the premiere institution for the study of effective practices that foster business innovation and growth for the benefit of society.

Goals and Objectives of the Center

  1. To provide academic programming to K-State students that develops them into effective business leaders.
  2. To sponsor business research that addresses important business questions around topics such as efficient capital allocation, market regulation, employee values, business organizational and governance structures, individual employee empowerment, decision making, and compensation systems with the goal of improving the practice of business.
  3. To engage working professionals with non-credit offerings that enhance their ability to manage and operate within their own organizations.
  4. To support students through scholarships to study effective business practices.

Research and Outreach

The research focus of the Center is around the confluence of markets, businesses, and individuals and how those three groups interact to create value for society. We support research related to markets, ethical behavior, the entrepreneurial thought process, decision making in organizations, and compensation/incentive systems.

Programs and Initiatives

The Menard Family Scholars Program

The mission of the Menard Family Scholars Program is to offer the premiere freshman business leadership development experience for high achieving students at Kansas State University’s College of Business.

Center for Principled Business Innovation and Strategy Case Competition

The Innovation and Strategy Case Competition offers students from across campus to improve their analytical, decision-making, teamwork, and presentation skills. Students are presented with a real-world case to analyze and apply appropriate strategic management principles and will offer recommendations to the company highlighted in the case brief.