Sophomore Year: Identify & Prepare

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the transition to college and are now ready to start your second year. During your sophomore year you will be making choices about academic options and other aspects of your college career. Now is the time to seek leadership roles in extracurricular activities and build your academic career.

The following activities should be completed by the end of the year:


Consider studying abroad

Excel in business core classes

    • Monitor your grades and performance in the program on an on-going basis.
    • Retake courses as needed to ensure that you have solid preparation from BAPP and business core classes for success in upper level and major classes.
    • Your GPA is not everything but DOES matter!

Career Development

Continue with level two certification in Professional Advantage. Consider workshops and activities such as:

    • How to Work a Career Fair
    • Interviewing Successfully
    • How to Obtain an Internship
    • Apply for an Executive Mentor


Identify job shadowing, internship or other relevant work experience opportunities

    • Connect with the Career Center to explore opportunities.
    • Seek opportunities that will give you early exposure to your intended career field to assure a good fit between your interests, values, skills, goals and expectations of anticipated field.
    • Gain experiences that will make your more competitive for future internships and jobs.

Seek out leadership roles within an organization or activity

Engage in community service

    • Broaden your experiences and give back to the community.
    • Make yourself more marketable as companies place importance on civic involvement and leadership.
    • Expand your network of professional contacts.