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College of Business Administration

Executive Mentor Program

Started in 2011, the Executive Mentor Program brings students, young alumni, and alumni/friends of the College of Business together in a formal, professional mentoring relationship. Mentors and mentees are matched for a six-month period during which they are encouraged to meet monthly (in-person or remotely).

Mentors support their mentees in

  • setting and achieving goals,
  • honing professional skills,
  • exploring career opportunities, and
  • building a professional network.

WildcatLink is the web-based mentoring and networking platform that houses the Executive Mentor Program as well as other K-State mentoring programs. WildcatLink provides a virtual space for students, faculty and staff, and alumni and friends of K-State to connect with each other based on mutual career-related interests and help topics. Users chooses their level of engagement and availability for networking and/or mentoring.

FAQs (.pdf)


To become an Executive Mentor, one must have at least seven (7) years of professional business experience and be willing to commit to regular communication and support of their mentee for a six-month period.

Applications are accepted year-round and are submitted through our WildcatLink site ("Join Our Community").

Apply to be an
Executive Mentor


Executive Mentor of the Year

2019 - Jamie Borgman
2018 - Stephen M. Lacy
2017 - Mary Lynn Manning
2016 - Laura VanZante
2015 - Dave Chelesnik
2014Dave Warner 
2013 - Kurt Roberts
2012 - Tony Pino 

Upcoming Events

Tailgate - Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019; K-State v. Oklahoma


Wendy Pfeifer
Program Director