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College of Business Administration

Alumni and Corporate Partners


Our connection to our alumni is a great point of pride for the college. K-State business graduates are loyal and steadfastly committed to the future success of other K-Staters. It is our job to keep you connected and informed about the latest happening within the college.

Alumni play an important role in the future of the college and enhance the value of a business degree from K-State. A strong alumni body supports the college and university in a number of ways:

  • Attracting talented students to the business program
  • Volunteering on various boards and committees
  • Serving as knowledgeable advocates

Corporate Partners

Corporate participation and financial support is vital to the success of our programs. We recognize that collaboration between higher education and the corporate world is mutually beneficial and necessary, especially in the ever-changing, global business world.

The K-State College of Business Administration has the privilege of working with industry leading corporate partners. Our corporate partners are:

  • Committed to continued development and enhancement of educational experiences
  • Partial to K-State business graduates and continuing to place graduates within their companies
  • Keeping our impressive placement rates across disciplines sky-high

Learn more about our Corporate Partner Program and employer engagement opportunities.

corporate partners

How to Get Involved

Whether you're a friend of the college, business alumni, or a corporate partner, there are many ways you can get involved in the College of Business Administration. 

  • Become an Executive Mentor
  • Encourage a high school student to visit the K-State campus and explore the programs within the college
  • Volunteer for Professional Advantage by providing a seminar such as Interviewing Successfully or Social Networking for Business, participating in mock interviews, or arranging internships for K-State business students
  • Volunteer to serve on an advisory council
  • Join our online Alumni Book Club
  • Contribute with your alumni news; Send story ideas for the alumni magazine, Success, to successmagazine@k-state.edu
  • Provide or arrange internships for K-State business students
  • Help faculty organizing trips for students to visit your company
  • Consider hiring K-State business graduates for professional positions
  • Contribute to fund raising efforts to ensure the future success of K-State business programs