Major in OSCM at K-State

Operations & Supply Chain Management

OSCM focuses on the integration of business processes across organizations, from material sources and suppliers, through manufacturing and processing, to delivery to the final customer.


Learning Outcomes

The OSCM major is designed to prepare students for careers in procurement management, manufacturing operations, warehousing, logistics, and transportation management in organizations that produce, sell, and distribute goods and services to end customers. Students will learn how to apply analytical techniques and utilize data to better orchestrate the actions of various entities involved in the supply chain, such as manufacturers, vendors, transportation companies, distribution centers, and retailers.

Global Supply Chain Club

The mission of the club is to provide students with an opportunity to get beyond pure classroom learning and to interact with practicing managers. Activities of this student-led club include bringing in guest speakers, touring local and regional businesses, and attending meetings of the Project Management Institute and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Learn more about the Global Supply Chain Club here.

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