Business of Sports & Entertainment Certificate

Why a Business of Sports and Entertainment Certificate?

The business of sports and entertainment certificate program will provide students with a deep understanding of the role of sports and entertainment in business, enhanced by hands-on, real-time experiential learning opportunities. The certificate allows students to develop marketing, economic, and management skills needed for a successful career in the sports and entertainment industries, but also in corporations where sports and entertainment decisions are made.

Business of Sports and Entertainment Certificate | 15 Credit Hours

Required Courses (9 credit hours)

MKTG 630: Sports Marketing (3)

This course provides students with the opportunity to study the nature and scope of marketing a sports franchise as well as marketing traditional products or services with the assistance of sports figures. Topics include sports franchise promotion, sports identification, consumer loyalty to a team and consumer loyalty to participation sports.

MKTG 625: Entertainment Marketing (3)

Examines the entertainment industry using strategic marketing approaches to assess market opportunities, develop marketing strategies, and design implementation tactics.

ECON 524: Sports Economics (3)

An economic analysis of professional and amateur sports. Pay determination of professional athletes, monopsony power of owners, discrimination, the importance of leagues, competitive balance, antitrust issues, collective bargaining, the financing of sports stadiums, and current economic issues in sports.

Elective Course Options (6 credit hours)

MANGT 630: Sports Management (3)

An exploration into management issues associated with professional and amateur sports. Major topics include strategic planning, operational planning, human resource management, team management, leadership, communication, and diversity all in the context of sports.

SALES 542: Fundamentals of Professional Selling (3)

Focuses on interpersonal communications between buyers and sellers, both oral and written. The mechanics and intricacies of personal sales presentations, which will be developed through practice.

MKTG 495: Marketing Internship (3)

An applied marketing business experience designed to coordinate the interests of students and firms.

HM 463: Business Event Coordination (3)

In this course, students will plan a theoretical event from start to completion and learn details pertinent to the organization and execution of a business meeting.

MC 478: Entertainment and Strategic Communications (3)

Strategic communications in the entertainment industry and the role that practitioners play in the development of strategies, message development, and management.

MC 479: Sports and Strategic Communications (3)

Strategic Communications in the sports industry and the role that practitioners play in the development of strategies, message development, and management.

Certificate Requirements:

Certificate can be completed by degree seeking students at Kansas State University, obtained as a credential on its own (free-standing), as a non-degree, certificate seeking student, or earned post-baccalaureate.

Students must achieve a cumulative 2.5 GPA on all courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the certificate program.


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