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What do you really want to do after graduation? That's what Aspire will do for you. The Aspire Program is designed to assist you in learning about opportunities in marketing.

Marketing Aspire Points Program

The Aspire program encourages students to enhance their marketing skills, learn about marketing careers, and meet with potential employers through networking, training, and skill development. This program will utilize a point system to encourage students to participate in unique activities that provide them with excellent professional and career development opportunities, as well as earn a class distinction, including honor cords upon graduation.

Requirements for Students
  • Must be a marketing major, or planning to major in marketing
  • Must earn 300 points per semester for distinction

To participate, students must apply online. Once a student has applied and is verified, there is no need to re-apply for subsequent semesters.


Students must earn 300 points per semester to qualify for Aspire, starting in Spring 2023. However, those earning points in Fall, 2022 can use these points for Spring 2023. Students will receive the following based on points earned.

  • 300 Points – Aspire
  • 600 Points – Aspire Bag
  • 900 Points – Aspire Jacket
  • 1200 Points - Graduation Honor Cord qualification

Program Points



Marketing Internship

The internship must be approved by the Marketing Department to qualify, as it must be related to sales. To verify the internship, students must provide a copy of the signed internship offer letter. Check with your advisor on using your internship for course credit.

150 Per Internship

Cohort Marketing Activity

Each cohort will work on a marketing project for a small business or non-profit organization

100 Per Activity


A fall Symposium will be open to marketing majors to learn more about their potential jobs, industries, and potential employers


A spring Symposium will be open to marketing majors, and those interested in becoming marketing majors, to introduce them to the Aspire program


Cohort Event

Cohort based events will be attended by students within the cohort, including, but not limited to, the following

100 Per Event

Spark KC

Sports Marketing Event

Digital Marketing Event

Corporate Visit

Employer Event

Events designed to be attended by all cohorts. These events will include lunch & learns, professional development workshops, social events with employers, academic competitions, and other activities.

100 per event


Google Analytics


Hootsuite Social Media Certification


HubSpot Digital Advertising


Recognized coding certification


Recognized cloud certification


Tableau Certification


Power BI Certification


Choose one of the three interest areas to learn more about jobs, employers, and skills needed in that field.

You sign up and we will take it from there through networking, planned events, meeting with employers, job shadowing, internships, and other activities throughout the school year.

Benefits to you

  • First access to employment opportunities
  • One-on-one sessions with employers
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Free industry certification
  • Subscription to relevant industry publication
    • Or membership dues to industry association

Are you ready to Aspire to a great job?

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