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About K-State Finance Scholars

The K-State Finance Scholars Program prepares high-achieving finance students for careers within target finance sectors by providing unique resources and opportunities. Each student is carefully selected into the program, trained and coached in advanced finance knowledge, technical abilities, and soft skills to be competitive for internship and full-time career opportunities. Training resources, alumni events and workshops, company visits, finance competitions, resume and interview coaching, networking, and social events are some of the unique experiences provided to K-State Finance Scholars. This innovative program serves top finance students who are committed to a rigorous curriculum and to the prospects of a rewarding career in the financial industry.

Finance Scholars group

Program Benefits

  1. Industry targeted curriculum and training workshops to prepare students for internship and full-time opportunities in investment banking, private equity, asset management, and management consulting
  2. Company visits to network with finance professionals and K-State alumni in the U.S. and abroad (expenses covered)
  3. Tiered scholarships (up to $4,000/yr) based on program performance
  4. Financial support for internships located in higher cost of living areas
  5. Dedicated study and research space for program students
  6. Executive Mentor program to build relationships with finance alumni
  7. National student finance competitions

Program Requirements

Below are the requirements of Finance Scholars once students join the program. These should be taken into consideration as interested students apply. Finance Scholars is a collaborative program, with students receiving support from other Scholars, as well as the program director, Dr. Sabuhi Sardarli or program coordinator, Julia Parcell.

  1. Major in Finance and follow academic course requirements specific to the program
    • ACCTG 433 - Financial Reporting
    • FINAN 623 - Financial Modeling
    • FINAN 653 - Securities and Portfolio Analysis
    • FINAN 655 - Advanced Portfolio Management
    • FINAN 663 - Mergers and Acquisitions
  2. Attend weekly meetings, speaker series, workshop and training opportunities
  3. Complete Wall Street Prep program and certification that focuses on financial modeling and technical interview prep
  4. Participate in company trips to various financial centers
  5. Resume review sessions with finance career coach
  6. Join the Executive Mentor Program to build relationships with finance alumni
  7. Participate in external student finance competitions

Want to be involved?

Email for any questions or inquiries on how to support the Finance Scholars.

College of Business Administration

Gates Capital Management Center for Financial Analysis

Sabuhi Sardarli
Center Director
Julia Parcell
Program Coordinator