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Call for Proposals: The Role of Business in Society

The Center for Principled Business (CPB) at Kansas State University is pleased to announce that we are accepting proposals for grants to support creative and engaged research projects focusing on the role of business in society. The CPB is interested in supporting unique projects from across the university; this call is open to all faculty members (tenure track and non-tenure track).

Types of Projects Supported

The CPB desires to support a wide variety of projects that can include traditional academic research articles, literature review and synthesis articles, practitioner-oriented articles, case studies, and creative projects.

The vision of the Center is to be the premiere institution for the study of effective practices that foster business innovation and growth for the benefit of society. As such, we are looking to support projects that address the role of business in society as it pertains to the subject matter being examined by the faculty member(s). Examples of potential project topics from any discipline include (but are not limited to), the role of property rights in conducting business, the role of regulation in helping or hindering business, the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in business, the process (and output) of turning creative activities into businesses, how specific businesses or industries create value for society, best business practices within specific businesses or industries, and the role of principled leadership in successful business growth.

Requirements for Proposals

Proposals should be no more than two single-spaced pages and should include:

  1. Project Title and Introduction. The project title should include the name of the project and the applicant’s name(s) and contact information (including the applicant’s department). The introduction of the proposal should include a brief narrative of the proposed project and a discussion of how the project helps advance the knowledge of the role of business in society.
  2. Methodology and Analysis. As appropriate, please include a brief discussion of the methodology used or the analytical techniques that will be included in the project.
  3. Outcomes. This section of the proposal should discuss the potential outcomes that will emerge from the completion of the project and why those outcomes are significant in advancing the knowledge of the role of business in society.

All accepted proposals will be funded in amounts up to $7,500; the grant will be paid out over the summer of 2022 or at a time agreeable to the faculty and the Center. Those selected to receive a grant must submit an update on the progress of the project by December 1, 2022. We request that a copy of the completed work be submitted to the CPB and we ask that an acknowledgement of funding from the Center for Principled Business at Kansas State University be included in any public dissemination of the work. The CPB may promote any work completed and may include a copy of the work on any of its social media platforms and other media outlets unless specifically requested.

Please contact: Eric Higgins with the Center for Principled Business with any questions. Please email completed proposals to

College of Business Administration

Center for Principled Business

Marcia Hornung
Menard Family Director