Available Software

VMware Software

Students enrolled in the MIS program have access to free VMware programs, including Workstation for basic virtualization on a personal machine, and vSphere and vCenter for enterprise virtualization experience. The store is available through Kivuto OnTheHub. If you have not created an account previously, click on "Register", then "Request an Account" to complete the registration process with your @ksu.edu email.

Microsoft Sofware

The University provides access to Office 365 for all students, faculty and staff. The College also provides additional free Microsoft software for academic use, including the Windows operating system.

Students enrolled in a College of Business class can obtain additional Microsoft Software through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, where software is available to download for free. These are full versions of the software.

To access the software, point your browser to https://aka.ms/devtoolsforteaching and click ‘Sign In’. If you are already signed in on your computer and your ksu.edu email account is linked with a Microsoft account, you most likely will be automatically signed in, in which case you just agree to the terms of agreement.

If your ksu.edu email account is not linked with a Microsoft account, you will be automatically directed to create one, creating one is free and takes just a few minutes. If you are logging in with a personal email address but also have a university email address, try using the university email address. If you previously logged into your institution’s web store with a personal email address or do not have a university email address, you will need to create or link a Microsoft account with your personal email address.

If you already have a Microsoft account (e.g. an account used to play XBOX games) and need to attach it to your Azure account: Go to account.microsoft.com and log in with your Microsoft credentials, Select ‘Your Info’ from the top ribbon menu, Click ‘Manage how you sign in to Microsoft’ and you will be asked to verify your identity with an emailed code. Check your personal email inbox for a code from Microsoft Account Team, enter the emailed code, click ‘Add email’ to your account and enter your university email address. The next time you sign in, you can use your university email address to access your Azure software.

Once you agree to the terms of agreement and are signed in to Microsoft Azure, you will be directed to the Education Hub, where all of your software will be available for download.

Please email cbasoftware@ksu.edu if you have any questions.

Computer Labs

Other special purpose software is available in our computer classrooms, which serve as lab spaces when not in use. To find out more information, visit our computer labs page.


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