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College of Business Administration

About Our College

The Kansas State University College of Business Administration is an accredited institution with a dynamic curriculum. Our programs are guided by business executives throughout the country, who advise our faculty on workforce needs. Our curriculum, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, is designed to challenge students and teach them team-building skills.

With undergraduate programs in marketing, accounting, finance, management, management information systems and entrepreneurship the college offers a wide range of classes within the disciplines, giving students the possibility of exploring the different sides of the business world.

Our graduate school offers an MBA, a PMBA and MAcc, as well as two different graduate certificate programs in leadership and business administration.

The college currently has 67 full-time  faculty members, many of them award winners, top researchers and business owners. All are active in trade, research and business organizations

Our enrollment is of approximately 2603 undergraduate and 122 graduate students, and we have active business student organizations that expose our students to business leaders, professional networking and leadership.

Mission, Vision and Values

Strategic Plan

Student Learning Outcomes


Metrics for Success



Dean Kevin Gwinner

Organizational Chart (pdf)

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K-State 2025: A Visionary Goal

By 2025, Kansas State University will be recognized as one of the nation's Top 50 Public Research Universities.