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The College of Business Administration offers a number of scholarships for new and current students.

New freshmen and transfer students

Apply for admission and scholarships

All future students must complete the combined admission and scholarship application to be admitted. Be sure to select business as your major.

  • New freshmen
    The priority date for K-State scholarships is November 1
  • Transfer students
    • Students who will start in the spring semester should apply for scholarships by November 1

    • Students who will start in the fall semester should apply for scholarships by February 1
College of Business Administration scholarships for freshmen
  • If you plan to pursue an accounting degree, scholarships are available to entering freshmen by completing the general university application.

  • Vanier Family Business Administration Best of Kansas Scholarship

    This award seeks to attract high achieving graduating seniors from Kansas who are interested in pursuing a degree from the College of Business Administration.

Current students

Students continuing their studies in the College of Business Administration must apply each year for scholarships.

Departmental scholarships

Apply for departmental scholarships from November 1 to February 1:

General Scholarship Qualifications

Applications are reviewed for several things.

  • For incoming freshmen, we consider ACT scores, cumulative GPA, rank in class, grade trends, courses taken, activities, and honors. 

  • For transfer students, we consider GPA and total credit hours, along with courses take and activities.

After the Office of Student Financial Assistance has made its awards in early December and January, the College of Business Administration will review those awards and follow with its own awards in late March.

Accepting your Award

If you are awarded a College of Business Administration Scholarship, the award will show the amount of your scholarship and include an acceptance form for you to complete. You should accept the scholarship even if you have yet to make the decision of coming to K-State or majoring in business.

Thank You Guidelines (pdf)

For more information, contact
Dean's Office

College of Business Administration
Kansas State University
2019 Business Building
1301 Lovers Ln
Manhattan, KS 66506