Senior Year: Strengthen and Excel

You are getting closer to finishing! In your senior year, stay committed to your academics and continue to strengthen your professional and extracurricular activities. Prepare yourself to transition out of college and into the next chapter of your personal and professional live.

The following activities should be completed by the end of this year:


Verify graduation plan

    • Visit with your academic advisor to verify graduation plans.

Apply for graduation at the beginning of your final semester

    • Complete and submit the "Apply for Graduation" form located in your Student Center folder in KSIS within the first four weeks of the semester.
    • Receive information about the commencement program and graduation.

Career Development

Continue participating in professional development and job search activities. Consult with career coach and exective mentor.

Consider workshops such as:

  • Evaluating Job Offers, Negotiating Salary, and Coping with Rejection
  • Student Loan Repayment and Transiting to Work
  • How to apply for Graduate Schools
  • College to Career Success Workshop


Continue strengthening extracurricular and leadership activities that fit your career goals

    • Prioritize your activities and focus on the ones that fit your career goals.
    • Continue to seek feedback from professionals such as your Executive Mentor.
    • Polish your resume by having it reviewed by Professional Advantage and/or Career and Employment Services.

Begin applying for jobs or graduate/professional school

    • Attend the All-University Career Fair early in the fall semester to start the internship search and the spring Business and Hospitality Fair if needed.
    • Participate in CES and Professional Advantage job search process related events.
    • Attend club and company sponsored information sessions.
    • Utilize your network of contacts for information, referrals and references.
    • Research and apply for graduate/professional schools as appropriate.
    • Study for and take entrance exams, e.g. GMAT as needed.