Junior Year: Lead & Enrich

You are about half way done! During your junior year you will get into your major courses, refine your professional skills and strengthen your extracurricular activities. Most students will have an internship experience following their junior year.

The following activities should be completed by the end of the year:


Declare major and other academic programs as needed

    • Finalize decision about academic options.

Complete a course plan for your remaining degree requirements

    • Work with your academic advisor to complete a graduation plan for the rest of the program that includes academics and professional development and extracurricular activities.
    • Make sure you have a clear understanding of remaining requirements and timeline for graduation.

Career Development

Continue participating in activities in professional skill building and related to your internship search. Consult with your career coach and executive mentor
(Consider workshops such as):

    • Recruiting Boot Camp
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Mock Interviews
    • Personal Branding


Focus extracurricular and leadership activities to fit academic and career goals

    • Assess the types of activities that you are involved in and make any necessary adjustments.
    • Connect with professionals in your chosen field such as your Executive Mentor to receive feedback on your activities and consider any recommended changes.

Obtain an internship

    • Attend the All-University Career Fair early in the fall semester to start the internship search and the spring Business and Hospitality Fair if needed.
    • Participate in CES and Professional Advantage internship search process related events.
    • Attend club and company sponsored information sessions.
    • Utilize your network of contacts for information, referrals and references.