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College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

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Research Topics

The College will develop and implement a set of initiatives that assist it in achieving national recognition in targeted niche areas. These initiatives will assist the University in achieving its goal to become a top 50 public research university. The set of initiatives will focus on the best opportunities for the College. Currently, the following initiatives are active:

Business Ethics and Responsible Citizenship

globeThe mission of this initiative is to help strengthen business ethics education internationally, nationally, and locally by providing courses and programs that emphasize ethical and socially responsible business practices, by enhancing the coverage of business ethics in the curriculum, enhancing public awareness of the importance of business ethics coursework and identifying effective models of ethics education for relevant stakeholders. The initiative also promotes and supports high-quality research within the areas of business ethics and social responsibility, broadly defined, including research on workplace justice, organizational citizenship behavior, individual and organizational values, sustainability, and other related topics.
  • Society Focused
  • Customer Focused
  • Employee Focused

Integrated Investment Management

investThrough a cross-disciplinary integrated investment management program, the College provides an extraordinarily unique opportunity for students to see investment management from a finance, accounting, marketing, and management perspective. Our program is distinguished by its undergraduate focus and its integration across all departments within the College of Business Administration. Having an outstanding cross-disciplinary integrated investment management program helps to achieve the University's goal of becoming a top 50 research university because other programs in the Big 12 and the rest of the country are essentially limited to students majoring in finance.


lightbulbKansas State University is fostering a cross-campus initiative to instill entrepreneurial thinking and action. Both a major and a minor in entrepreneurship have been implemented and additional focus will be on developing graduate programs and activities that foster venture creation in a traditional context as well as in corporate and social contexts. We also now operate a business incubator with approximately 9-10 student ventures. A network of educational, experiential and research activities focus on the venture creation and management process. Skills in opportunity recognition, creative problem solving, feasibility analyses, and business planning will continue to be developed. The College of Business Administration and the Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship is in the process of formalizing partnerships between faculty and students in all colleges and the community to promote its initiatives. These programs will be distinguished by their focus on bridging the gap between a quality entrepreneurship curriculum and venture implementation. In order to achieve this, co-curricular activities will include a venture accelerator (that includes a venture fund, mentoring program, and incubator), speaker series, and internal feasibility completion.
  • Entrepreneurial Antecedents and Outcomes
  • Social Entrepreneurship

National Strategic Selling Institute (NSSI)

salesThe NSSI is a newly formed entity in the College of Business Administration which focuses on the study and practice of strategic selling, encompassing the domains of frontline organizational members involved in professional selling, retail selling, services marketing, and Business-to-Business interfaces. The mission of the NSSI is to advance the selling profession through leadership in interdisciplinary academic education, highly impactful research, and valued outreach activity. NSSI has already received recognition and aims to be ranked among the best centers in the nation.
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Organizational Performance

  • Supply Chain
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resource Strategy


  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Technology Promotion and Use