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College of Business Administration

Student Success Center
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Roger McHaney

ProfessorRoger McHaney
Daniel D. Burke Chair for Exceptional Faculty
University Distinguished Teaching Scholar 
Faculty of Distinction 
Department of Management 
Office:2062 Business Building
Mailing Address:3091 Business Building
1301 Lovers Lane 
Manhattan, KS 66506

Research Goals

Roger McHaney conducts research on discrete event and agent-based simulation systems. In addition to applied research, he examines the organizational aspects of simulation including how problem statements and modeling approaches affect the success of a simulation project. He also conducts research into educational technology and how it impacts teaching and learning.

Current Research & Consulting Projects

  • Agent-based simulation using “AnyLogic” Software
  • An Exploration of Deception Detection: Are Groups More Effective Than Individuals?
  • A linguistic examination of problem solving approaches in simulation
  • An empirical investigation of mobile technology use in collaborative learning settings
  • Updating Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business textbook

Major Accomplishments

  • Chairman of the IDEA Center’s Board of Directors
  • Author of “The New Digital Shoreline: How Web 2.0 and Millennials are Revolutionizing Higher Education” and “Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business”
  • University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and holder of Daniel D. Burke Chair for Exceptional Faculty
  • Co-Developer of ELATEwiki.org website
  • Co-Recipient of Sloan-C Effective Practice Award.

Other Contributions

  • Frequent keynote speaker and workshop presenter on Web 2.0 Technology use in business and education.
  • Experience teaching in a variety of countries including New Zealand, India, U.K. and others.
  • Published in a variety of Information Systems, Operations Management, and Educational Technology journals.
  • Do consulting work with spreadsheets and other applications
  • Develop online teaching material using new technologies

Areas of Teaching

Applied Managerial Computing, Enterprise Computing, Quality Management, Information Technology, Management Information Systems


Ph D, University of Arkansas, 1995.
Major: Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis 

MBA, Lake Superior State University, 1989.

BS, Lake Superior State University, 1984.
Major: Industrial Technology

Associates of Science, Lake Superior State University, 1984.
Major: Computer Engineering Technology