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Professional Strategic Selling

Sales is a vastly applicable area of study, which provides a skillset that is highly sought after by employers. Students will gain the ability to clearly articulate goals, build relationships, and meet consumer needs. This curriculum includes the foundation of marketing, along with refining more enhanced interpersonal skills, understanding the tactics of cultivating and managing accounts, and learning to thrive in a competitive environment—all the skills necessary to become a successful salesperson.



Admission into the Professional Strategic Selling program is competitive, and requires a minimum 2.50 cumulative Kansas State University grade point average. Students must earn a minimum 2.50 grade point average on courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the major in Professional Strategic Selling. 

Applications for admission will be processed twice a year. 

  • The fall semester deadline is October 1st.
  • The spring semester deadline is April 1st.
Application for Admission into the PSS Major

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Risa Brungardt
Assistant Director of Recruitment

Changing majors?

If you are a current student  interested in switching to a major in the College of Business Administration, please contact or stop by the Student Success Center.

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