Marketing Minor

The Marketing minor is targeted toward students in many academic disciplines needing marketing skills in order to advance in their chosen profession. Students will learn how to apply marketing concepts and principles to supplement their skills in strategic marketing, sales, digital marketing and other marketing areas.

Required courses for non-business majors (6 hours)

MKTG 400 - Introduction to Marketing
A general study of marketing principles which lead to the development of marketing strategy. A review of environmental influences and key analytical tools used in formulating marketing plans. Product or service design, distribution, pricing, and promotional programs.

MKTG 450 - Consumer Behavior (required for business majors other than marketing)
Consumer behavior is the study of the cognitive, affective, and behavioral factors that interact with social, cultural, and situational influences to guide decision making in the marketplace. The goals are to provide a conceptual understanding of consumer behavior, experience in applying consumer behavior concepts to marketing strategy, and knowledge of consumer research applications.

Elective Course Options for non-business majors (9 hours)

MKTG 430 - Brand Management

MKTG 544 - International Marketing

MKTG 630 - Sports Marketing

MKTG 635 - Digital Marketing Applications

SALES 542 - Fundamentals of Professional Selling

Business non-marketing majors choose four courses from the list above (12 hours)


Other Minor Requirements:

At least three of the five required courses must be completed at Kansas State University. Students must achieve a cumulative 2.50 GPA in the five required courses to complete the minor. Prior permission is required from the College of Business Administration to take a class at another institution. Course pre-requisites may apply. See University Undergraduate Course Catalog for details.

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