Minor in Management

The management minor is targeted toward non-management majors. Students in many academic disciplines need management and supervisory skills in order to advance in their chosen profession. Students will learn how to apply management concepts and principles to improve services, products, and operations within organizations across a wide array of industries.

Required Courses (6 or 9 hours)

  • MANGT 420: Principles of Management (non-business majors only)
    • Provides an introduction to the four basic managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and their application to today’s complex work environment. An emphasis is placed on the roles and responsibilities of managers that help them to successfully meet organizational objectives by effectively leading employees and optimizing processes.
  • MANGT 520: Organizational Behavior
    • Examination of psychological and sociological variables important in understanding individual motivation, group functioning, change, creativity, and leadership in organizations. Prerequisite: MANGT 420
  • MANGT 531: Human Resource Management
    • This course provides an overview of the human resource systems and processes needed to achieve organizational effectiveness and strategic success. All key functional areas including human resource planning, staffng, performance management, employee development, and compensation are addressed. Prerequisite: MANGT 420

Elective Course Options (6 or 9 hours)

Non-Business Majors - choose 2 courses from the list below
Business Non-Management Majors - choose 3 courses from the list below

  • MANGT 421: Introduction to Operations Management (3)
  • MANGT 530: Industrial and Labor Relations (3)*
  • MANGT 535: Employment Law (3)
  • MANGT 541: Management of Quality (3)
  • MANGT 550: Organizational Training and Development (3)
  • MANGT 560: Management of Diversity in the Workplace (3)
  • MANGT 590: International Management (3)
  • MANGT 630: Sports Management (3)
  • MANGT 653: Business Project Management (3)

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