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College of Business Administration

Business Minor

The business minor is only available to non-business majors who will graduate from another college at K-State.

Upon graduation, most students will be involved in organizations, profit or non-profit, that will use business concepts and principles to improve their services or products.  

At least three of the five required courses must be completed at Kansas State University. Students must achieve a cumulative 2.50 GPA in the five required courses to complete the minor. Prior permission is required from the College of Business Administration to take a class at another institution.

To learn more, view business minor guide (pdf).

Course Requirements

Accounting for Business Operations
ACCTG 231, Credits: (3)

Accounting for Investing and Financing
ACCTG 241, Credits: (3)

Principles of Management  
MANGT 420, Credits: (3)

Introduction to Marketing
MKTG 400, Credits: (3)

Principles of Finance
FINAN 450, Credits: (3)

Total Credit hours: (15)

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For more information about minoring in business contact:

Student Success Center

1001 Business Building

Changing majors?

If you are a current student  interested in switching to a major in the College of Business Administration, please contact or stop by the Student Success Center.