Rise Up Scholars Program

Program Overview

Rise Up provides accessible resources & world-class leadership training, grounded in celebrating diversity, for underrepresented future business leaders

Rise Up propels students to a successful career while celebrating their diverse identities and cultures. The program is designed to serve business students who identify with a systemically marginalized and underrepresented group. This may include students who identify as Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, multiracial, LGBTQ+, and/or as having a disability. Apply to be a Rise Up Scholar here.

The Rise Up Experience

Powered by GiANT, Rise Up Scholars engage in data-driven leadership development and success coaching trusted by companies including Google, Pfizer, and Delta. The program's director, Dr. Law-DelRosso, is a certified GiANT Coach. This along with her experience as a diversity, equity, and inclusion leader and as a management professor, provides Scholars the coaching and tools to support their academic and career success.