Graduate Business Capstone

Graduate Business Capstone

The graduate business capstone gives College of Business graduate students the opportunity to work with businesses and apply the knowledge and skills they've learned in the classroom to a project with real-life consequences.

College of Business faculty supervise the projects, which provides unmatched opportunities to collaborate with the business world, as well as professional development for faculty. Overall, the course contributes to experiential learning for both students and faculty, and two particular CBA Strategic Plan Priorities: collaborate with business community, influence business practice and knowledge.


Spring 2022 Capstone Projects

Faculty Advisor
ETC Open-ended survey analysis improvement Roger McHaney
ETC Competitive analysis of social media footprint Christian Tatham
Kansas State University Grad program enrollment forecasting model Gene Barnes
Textron Aviation Sales forecasting Jihoon Cho
Centralized Supply Chain Services Visualization for food supply chain Bongsug Chae
Kansas State University Campus park and ride shuttle service Gene Barnes
K-State Cancer Research Center Marketing & communication strategy Brandon Savage
Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Business & marketing strategies Marcia Hornung
AIB Board of directors compensation model

Mira Bilgili,
Hanson Bilgili

Texas Health
SC vendor change management model: review & revision Dan Minick





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