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Investment Partners

Individuals and/or companies that have given significant monetary donations are considered an Investment Partner. These donors have generously provided some of the funding for the National Strategic Selling Institute (NSSI) to grow over the years, and continue to grow as we look into the future. Investment Partners are important to the history of the NSSI, as they have helped lay the foundation on which the NSSI has built, and will continue to build, for the future.

History of the National Strategic Selling Institute

October 2009The College of Business Administration called for proposals for the J.J. Vanier Faculty of Distinction Endowed Chair in the College of Business Administration. 
December 2009The J.J. Vanier Distinguished Endowed Chair in the College of Business Administration was assigned to the Department of Marketing. 
January 2011Dr. Dawn Deeter was hired as the J.J. Vanier Distinguished Chair in Relational Selling and Marketing, with a start date of August 2011. 
August 2012The NSSI launches the Corporate Partner Program. 
August 2013Certificate in Professional Strategic Selling approved and offered for the first time. 
February 2017Major in Professional Strategic Selling proposed. 
November 2017  The Kansas Board of Regents approved the Major in Professional Strategic Selling. It will be offered beginning August 2018. 

Individuals currently at the Investment Partner level are:

Doug and Vicki Hill (pdf)
Larry and Pat Kendall (pdf)
The Vanier Family (pdf)

For more information about becoming an Investment Partner, please contact Dawn Deeter, Director, at (785) 532-6880 or Darin Russell, Director of Development, at (785) 532-2725.

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