Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


To create value for students, business, and society through activities that lead to career success and the advancement of knowledge.

The College of Business Administration operates under the administration of the Kansas Board of Regents and Kansas State University. The long-term purpose of the college is to provide excellent undergraduate and graduate degree programs that will prepare students to become successful business professionals in an increasingly diverse and interconnected workplace. The C ollege is committed to conducting and disseminating research that improves the practice of business, providing experiential learning opportunities for students, and strengthening a strong academic reputation for purposes of student recruitment and placement.

The C ollege’s comparative advantage derives from a strong, inclusive family culture, a diverse and well-qualified student population, a faculty committed to high-quality research and teaching, dedicated staff, and strong support from alumni and the business community. The achievement of our mission is dependent upon the joint efforts of all individuals in each of these constituent groups working together toward beneficial outcomes.


To be a transformational leader in business thought and education through knowledge creation, innovative programs, and extraordinary experiences.

We believe engagement in a diverse and supportive environment is critical to student success. To foster this engagement, we will surround students with diverse peers, high - quality faculty and staff, strong student advising and co-curricular programs, successful and involved alumni and corporate partners, and by building applied academic programs and pursuing targeted initiatives. Our academic programs will have an experiential focus and be competitive with the best programs among our peer institutions. The college will play an integral part in the U niversity’s goal to be a top 50 public research university (a clearly defined Carnegie university class) by striving for high - quality undergraduate and graduate programs that serve our land-grant mission, multi-faceted interaction with the business community, and research endeavors that influence business practice and inform business education.

Shared Values

  • We value high ethical standards. As faculty, staff, and administrators, we value honesty, integrity, and dignity in our interactions with colleagues and students and seek to act in accord with the highest standards of professional ethics at all times.
  • We value our students. As faculty, staff, and administrators, we welcome the responsibility of working with all students to facilitate their learning and professional development in a high - quality educational environment.
  • We value the educational process. As faculty, staff, and administrators, we welcome the responsibility to develop and deliver high - quality educational programs to students in the C ollege and throughout the U niversity .
  • We value the process and outcomes of research and scholarship. As faculty, we seek to expand the knowledge in our disciplines and impact business practice by conducting relevant and valid research and disseminating this knowledge through teaching, intellectual contributions, and service activities.
  • We value the organizations corporate, nonprofit , and governmental that we prepare our students to serve. We embrace opportunities to partner with these organizations as we prepare students for successful careers and seek to expand the knowledge of our disciplines. Consistent with our land-grant mission, we recognize that the U niversity, our students and the organizations we serve share an important ultimate responsibility for the betterment of the Kansas communities where we live and work, and are committed to the well-being of these communities.
  • We value innovation and continuous improvement in all areas and especially in our educational programs. In particular, we support those efforts deemed to assist the University in reaching its goal of becoming a top 50 public research university. Accordingly, we encourage faculty and staff to engage in activities designed to develop their professional talents and skills more fully.
  • We value, celebrate , and embrace diversity, inclusion , and cooperation in a global environment. We respect the rights, culture, and dignity of all faculty, staff , and students as contributing members of the team by utilizing multiple perspectives and talents. We seek out the opportunity for all participants to learn and grow in a global, diverse world and recognize the importance of business education for contributing to a better world.