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College of Business Administration

Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Our strategic plan sets a path to innovate our curriculum for the modern global business world and reinvent the student experience in the College of Business to give our students even more hands-on experiences and opportunities to interact with the business community.

Strategic GoalsKey Objectives
Reinventing Student Experiences

Reinvent Educational Approach
Innovate existing curricula and student-focused programs while pursuing new opportunities that will enhance the student experience and provide a rigorous and relevant business education. 

  • Critically evaluate all programs and delivery methods to consider innovation opportunities that increase effectiveness while maintaining cost efficiency and consistency with our core values. 

  • Enhance the student experience through interdisciplinary educational opportunities. 

  • Take full advantage of instructional technology resources to strengthen delivery of educational programs. 

Encourage a Global Mindset

Increase appreciation and competency in operating in a global business environment to prepare students to flourish in a world of commerce that is truly international. 

  • Create more opportunities for student international experiences. 

  • Enhance international student recruitment. 

  • Create faculty and staff international opportunities in teaching, research, and business/alumni connections. 

  • Continuously strengthen international content in the curriculum. 

Expanding External Collaborations  
Collaborate with Business Community

Increase the quantity and quality of interactions between businesses faculty and students to create mutual value. 

  • Strengthen relationships with more alumni and businesses. 

  • Increase interactions between faculty and industry partners. 

  • Enhance opportunities for students to engage with businesses. 

Influence Business Practice and Knowledge

Advance business knowledge and impact business practice. 

  • Provide support for impactful research projects. 

  • Encourage and facilitate increased faculty interactions with business leaders, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations for research collaborations. 

Strengthening Foundations for Enterprise Sustainability & Growth  
Build Professional Organizational Culture

Foster a strong sense of belonging, respect, collegiality, and inclusion among faculty, staff, and students. 

  • Promote a positive work environment that helps to attract and retain the best employees. 

  • Improve diversity within the College through a culture of inclusion and support. 

Achieve Financial Security

Establish a sustainable structure and secure the resources needed to allow the College of Business to thrive and achieve its goals. 

  • Reach private fundraising goal of $150 million by end of I&I Campaign. 

  • Develop new and expand current revenue sources. 

  • Explore new budget models with University, Foundation, and Global Campus. 

Improve Student Recruitment, Retention, Graduation, and Placement

Engage in activities that increase interest and awareness in the College among prospective students, increase retention among current students, improve graduation rates, and lead to superior job placement.  

  • Improve the quality and quantity of students enrolled in the College. 

  • Maintain freshman-to-sophomore retention rate. 

  • Increase graduation rate. 

  • Improve the quality and quantity of career options that are available to students. 

Launch Strategic Communication and Marketing Initiative

Engage in targeted communication that builds recognition of our brand, projects a consistent and compelling message, and differentiates the College to key audiences, including other business colleges, businesses, alumni, and donors. 

  • Enhance messaging of our unique capabilities to targeted audiences. 

  • Improve our reputation among other business schools. 

  • Communicate the successes of our students and alumni.