Kellie Jackson


National Strategic Selling Institute

Office: 3064 Business Building

Kellie Jackson

Mailing Address: 2092 Business Building
1301 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506

Originally from Clay Center, Kansas, Kellie Jackson grew up in production agriculture. When she came to Kansas State University for her undergraduate degree, she wanted to pursue her agricultural interests. Thus, she decided on agricultural economics which set her up for her first career - helping clients with their public relations and marketing efforts. However, shortly after she started that role, she realized this wasn't her true passion in life. She wasn't educating people. Therefore, she decided to come back to her roots at Kansas State University to pursue her Master's in Business Administration so she could teach or train people. She could then capitalize on her passion while learning applicable information she could use in her future career path.

Currently, Kellie serves as an Instructor for the College of Business at Kansas State University, primarily teaching sales classes. Her focus is on sales technology (SALES 555) and the fundamentals of sales (SALES 542), developing the sales process with students. Working with students is one of her main passions, and the area she loves most about her role as she is constantly challenging students to think outside the box while educating them.

Outside of teaching, Kellie serves as the K-State Sales Team Coach. Through the K-State Sales Team, students can compete in national sales competitions. These experiences allow students to enhance their skills and begin preparing for a career in any sales organization.


M.B.A., 2018, Kansas State University

B.S., Agricultural Economics, Minor in Business Administration, 2014, Kansas State University