Edward L. Nowlin

Associate Professornowlin
Department of Marketing

Office: 2052 Business Building
Mailing Address: 2092 Business Building
1301 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-2879
Email: elnowlin@k-state.edu

Research Goals

Edward Nowlin studies drivers of salesperson performance. Specifically, the research investigates the effect of information, manager actions, and manager and coworker relationships on salesperson performance. His second stream of research explores the relationship between fantasy sports, gambling and consumer choice.

Current Research and Consulting Projects

  • How Does Salesperson Coworker Connectedness Impact Performance? – This study examines whether salespeople’s connection with coworkers increases their performance. In addition, it considers whether internal change increases or decreases the impact of coworker connection on salesperson performance.
  • Antecedents and Consequences of Salespeople Evasive Hiding of Marketing Intelligence – This study examines whether internal relationships negatively affect salespeople not sharing their market intelligence and evasive hiding’s effect on external customer relationships.
  • Emotion in Sales Performance – This study examines whether salespeople use emotion and facts as sources of information and how these two different informational sources affects sales performance.
  • An Examination of the Traits and Motivations of Fantasy Sports and Gambling Participants? – This study examines whether the fantasy sports participants and gamblers are similar from a trait perspective.

Other Contributions

  • Houghton, David M., Edward L. Nowlin, and Doug Walker, (Forthcoming) “From Fantasy to Reality: The Role of Fantasy Sports in Sports Betting and Online Gambling,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

  • Nowlin, Edward L., Nwamaka Anaza, and Doug Walker, (2019) “The Impact of Manager Likeability on Sales Performance,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 27 (2), 159-173

  • Walker, Doug, and Edward L. Nowlin (2019), “Public Validation and Its Impact on the Initial Affordable Care Act Enrollment,” Health Marketing Quarterly, 36 (2), 107-119.

  • Song, Chanho, Sungha Jang, Jennifer Wiggins, & Edward L. Nowlin (2019), “Does Haste Always Make Waste? Incentives, Quantity, and Quality Performance in Speed-Intensive Service Firms,” Service Business, 13 (2), 289-304.

  • Walker, Doug, and Edward Nowlin (2018), “Data-Driven Precision and Selectiveness in Political Campaign Fundraising,” Journal of Political Marketing, 1-20.
  • Nowlin, Edward L., Doug Walker, Nwamaka Anaza (Forthcoming) “How Does Salesperson Connectedness Impact Performance? It Depends,” Industrial Marketing Management.

  • Anaza, Nwamaka A. and Edward L. Nowlin, (2017) “What’s Mine Is Mine: A Study of Salesperson Knowledge Hoarding Behavior,” Industrial Marketing Management, 64 (July), 14-24.

  • Nowlin, Edward L., Doug Walker, Dawn Deeter, and Alexander Haas, (2017) “Emotion in Sales Performance: Affective Orientation and Need for Cognition and the Mediating Role of Motivation to Work” Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.

  • Anaza, Nwamaka A., Edward L. Nowlin, and Gavin Jiayun Wu. (2016), "Staying Engaged on the Job: The Role of Emotional Labor, Job Resources, and Customer Orientation." European Journal of Marketing, 50 (7/8).

  • Adjei, Mavis T., Edward L. Nowlin, and Tyson Ang (2016), "The Collateral Damage of C2C Communications on Social Networking Sites: The Moderating Role of Firm Responsiveness and Perceived Fairness." Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 24 (2), 166-185.

Areas of Teaching

Professional Selling, Sales Management, Marketing Channels Management


Ph D, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Major: Marketing

MBA, Clarion University

MA, Ohio State University
Major: German Literature

BA, Denison University
Major: German