Dr. Esther Swilley

Esther Swilley

Department Head
Associate Professor
L.L. McAninch Chair in Business Administration
Department of Marketing


Office: 2093 Business Building
Mailing Address: 2092 Business Building
1301 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-6135
Email: esthers@k-state.edu

Vita (pdF)

Research Goals

Understanding the importance of digital marketing in the firm is the basis of Esther Swilley’s research. She also examines the impact of technology and marketing. Specific areas on interest include mobile marketing and commerce, the marketing of new technologies, and the development of digital marketing strategies that align with firm goals.


Current Research & Consulting Projects

  • Effect of Disruptions on Mobile Marketing Efforts
  • Social Media, Traditional Media and their Effects on the Stock Market
  • Understanding the Mobile Consumer
  • Marketing Technology to Women
  • Blog, Pin and Online Review Effects on Advertising Attitudes and Purchase Intentions
  • Girls’ Choices in Education and Career: The Negative Impact of Toy Marketing


Major Accomplishments

  • Product development manager for major telecommunications company
  • Account executive for several companies
  • Internet Marketing Manager

Other Contributions

  • Swilley, Esther (2016), MOBILE COMMERCE: How it Contrasts, Challenges and Enhances Electronic Commerce, Business Expert Press
  • Swilley, Esther, Leisa Reinecke Flynn and Kelly Cowart (2014) "An Examination of Regifting Behavior," Journal of Consumer Behavior 13 (4) 251-261
  • Bacile, Todd, Christine Ye and Esther Swilley (2014), "From Firm-Controlled to Consumer-Contributed: Consumer Co-Production of Personal Media Marketing Communication" Journal of Interactive Marketing 28 (2) 117-133
  • Swilley, Esther and Ronald E. Goldsmith (2013), "Black Friday versus Cyber Monday: Understanding Consumer Intentions on Two Major Shopping Days," Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 20 (1) 43-50.
  • Swilley, Esther (2012), "Aesthetic Technology: Scale Development and Measurement," International Journal of Technology Marketing 7 (3) 324-341.
  • Giunipero, Larry, Edward Ramirez and Esther Swilley (2012), "The Antecedents and Consequences of E-Purchasing Tools Usage in Supply Chain Management," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 20 (3) 279-292.
  • Swilley, Esther, Charles F. Hofacker and Bruce T. Lamont (2012), "The Evolution from E-Commerce to M-Commerce: Pressures, Firm Capabilities and Competitive Advantage in Strategic Decision Making," International Journal of E-Business Research 8 (1) 1-16.
  • Swilley, Esther (2010), "Technology Rejection: The Case of the Wallet Phone," Journal of Consumer Marketing, 27 (Summer/Fall) 304-312.

Areas of Teaching

Digital Marketing


Ph D, Florida State University, 2007.
Major: Marketing
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Strategic Management

MBA, Kennesaw State University, 2002.

BA, Wayne State University, 1979.
Major: Mass Communications
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Life Sciences