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At the College of Business Administration we understand the need for diversity in our classrooms and in the business world. We want to be recognized as a regional leader in development and success of students from under-represented groups, increase their number in the college, promote their retention, enhance the climate of inclusion and build cultural competency among all students.

Between 2007 and 2015, multicultural student enrollment in the college has increased by 75 percent. That increased enrollment has translated into a first-to-second year retention rate that is more than 25 percent higher than the national average. Most importantly, our initiative has led to a multicultural student graduation rate that is 15 percent higher than the national average - and on par with the college as a whole.  

CBA Safe Zone Allies

Kansas State University Safe Zone allies advocate for marginalized and silenced groups. Allies are remarkably effective at promoting positive change and respect for human difference.

College of Business Inclusion Summit

The College of Business Inclusion Summit is an annual event in partnership with K-State Student Government Association (SGA) to continue advancing inclusion on K-State's campus and in the community. Each year a corporate partner that shares our vision for an inclusive culture in which all people feel a sense of belonging generously sponsors the event. 

Programs for Multicultural Students

Project Impact Summer Bridge Program

Multicultural Academic Program Success (MAPS), the Project Impact Summer Bridge Program, is a summer program sponsored by Cargill Inc. and ConocoPhillips, it is administered by K-State's Office of Diversity. MAPS is a summer bridge program for multicultural students with majors in agriculture, business, and engineering who will be freshman at K-State in the fall. MAPS is a chance to become personally acquainted with K-State, other students, your chosen major, and a future career before freshman year.

MAPS benefits include:

  • Up to six free college credits of Chemistry or Math, Kinesiology, and University Experience
  • Free room and board in Moore Hall on the K-State campus
  • A stipend for each student
  • Personal, individual contact with faculty, staff, and peer mentors
  • Industry tours to companies across Kansas
  • Professional, social, scholarship, and academic opportunities not available to other students
Koch College for a Day

Sponsored by Koch Industries, College for a Day brings high school students from underrepresented areas of the state to K-State to experience college and get them to think about higher education. 

Kaufman Scholar Summer Residential Institute

Mentoring Programs

The College offers mentoring from faculty, academic advisers and peer mentors. All freshman and sophomore students who declare the Pre-Business Professional Program (BAPP) as a major will be assigned a professional academic adviser to assist customizing course selections and academic programs.

Faculty mentoring for freshman and sophomore multicultural students is provided by Dr. Dawne Martin, Assistant to the Dean for Diversity. The mentoring program can be tailored to your needs, including academic monitoring to provide early intervention in academic problem areas. Faculty mentoring also occurs when you declare a major. At that time you will be assigned a mentor among the faculty from your major. The faculty member is available for advice on choice of electives, careers and other issues.

A peer mentoring program is under development by the Multicultural Business Student Association (MBSA). We hope to provide freshman and transfer students with support in their transitions to Kansas State. 

Tutoring and Peer Mentoring Program

Introduced in 2012, these programs enhance student success. Free tutoring for key courses in the College of Business Administration. Funds for this program are generously furnished by our corporate partners. Students in MBSA mentor other students to help them succeed in the college. 

Diversity in the College

  • Diversity Lecture Series: The college brings speakers to increase awareness of diversity in business. Past speakers include Bernie Milano, President of the KPMG Foundation and founder of the PhD Project.

Scholarship Opportunities

High School & Continuing Business Students

Koch Project IMPACT Scholarship - 20 $5,000 per year scholarships awarded to multicultural students enrolled in the colleges of Business Administration or Engineering and demonstrating academic excellence and financial need.

Cargill Project IMPACT Scholarship - Scholarships up to $2,000, depending on GPA, for multicultural students in the colleges of Business Administration, Agriculture or Engineering.    

Other scholarship opportunities

Coca-Cola Four Year College Scholarships - Available to high school seniors; scholars must demonstrate leadership skills, academic excellence, and extracurricular and community involvement. Applications accepted from August 1 - October 31 of the senior year of high school.

Holocaust Remembrance Scholarship - Available to high school students grades 9-12. Participants submit a 1,200 word essay analyzing the events of the Holocaust and explaining what they can do to prevent discrimination, prejudice, and violence.

Gates Millennium Scholarship - Available to outstanding high school students from under-represented groups who demonstrate a significant financial assistance need.
Undergraduate Student

ConocoPhillips SPIRIT Scholarships - Continuing scholarships of $5000 per year for students in Business Administration and Engineering. Being a SPIRIT Scholar provides a substantial scholarship as well as involvement in enrichment and professional development opportunities and a mentoring relationship with a ConocoPhillips professional. For questions or a link to the application, contact Kirsten Regan, kregan@k-state.edu or 785-532-6237. Applications are due between September 1 and October 31. 

Mercer's Diversity Scholarship Program - Awarded to outstanding minority students pursuing a degree in actuarial sciences, mathematics, statistics, economics, business, finance, or liberal arts and sciences. Students spend the summer at one of Mercer's U.S. offices and at the end of the internship, receive $5,000 to cover school-related expenses.

Sallie Mae and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund First in my Family Scholarship - Available to Hispanic American students who are the first in their family to attend college and who demonstrate financial need.

Sallie Mae and the UNCF American Dream Scholarship Program - Awarded to African American college students at accredited universities that demonstrate financial need.

Sallie Mae Unmet Need Scholarship - Available to families with combined incomes of $30,00 or less to help supplement financial aid that falls more than $1,000 short of student's financial need. Amounts range from $1,000-$3,800 and are awarded to full-time undergraduate students attending accredited universities.

Sallie Mae Community College Transfer Scholarship - Available to Latino students transferring from a community college to an accredited university.

General Motors Scholarship Program - Available to Latino students pursuing degrees in Business or Engineering. The scholarship amount is $2,500. Selected students may also have the opportunity to obtain a summer internship with General Motors.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund - The Hispanic College Fund, in partnership with other corporations and organizations, offers a wide range of scholarships for Hispanic students.

The Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging Management Students - Available to minority students interested in pursuing a degree in hotel management.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountant Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students - Merit-based scholarships of up to $5,000 for minority students who show potential of becoming certified public accountants.

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship - Awarded to minority students to attend college who demonstrate financial need.

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program - Available to minority students interested in pursuing a career in technical fields including Information Management and Computing Software Systems.

Graduate Students

Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students - For undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing an actuarial career. Awards are based on merit and financial need. 

George M. Brooker College Scholarship for Minorities - Available to undergraduate and graduate minority students interested in pursuing a career in real estate management.

Resources for Students


Oliva Law-Delrosso 

CBA Diversity Committee

Dawne Martin, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Chair
Kingsley Olibe, Associate Professor of accounting
Peter Mudrack, Professor of Management