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College of Business Administration

2020 College of Business Summer Camp

The summer camp will familiarize high school students with the business discipline and careers, as well as exposure to the college experience in and out of the classroom through engaging and experiential learning projects. 

This three day/two night camp will introduce students to all aspects of business, while immersing them in campus life and what it looks like to be a K-State College of Business student. This intensive program encourages students to challenge their creative ideas and leadership skills through learning about the marketing, management, accounting, and finance functions within a business entity. Students will also engage in team collaboration, discussions with instructors and peers, and trips to local businesses. A community project will be incorporated to have the students work on a service venture. On the last day of the camp, students will apply all of their learning and practice pitching their ideas as part of an interdisciplinary Business Case-Challenge. 

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion, plus valuable resources and connections at the K-State College of Business, as well as other departments and programs across campus and even within the community of Manhattan. After participating in the summer camp, participates will gain access to specialized events and future opportunities in the College of Business. 


June 24-26, 2020


K-State campus in Manhattan, KS


High School students going into 10th grade or above


To be announced 




Tara Jackson

Recruitment Coordinator