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Study Abroad Scholarships for Business Students

The College of Business Administration is committed to making it possible for students to study abroad.  With the support of CBA alumni, the College is please to offer scholarship opportunities to students.

The Kendall Study Abroad Scholarships

These scholarships are made possible by K-State alums Mr. Larry and Mrs. Patricia Kendall.  Mr. Kendall earned two degrees from K-state (1969 and 1973) and is a founding partner of The Group Inc. Real Estate of Fort Collins, Colorado.  His company, which hires 230 sales associates, was recently recognized by the National Association of Realtors as "the most productive real estate company in the United States". In addition to several other distinguished honors, Mr. Kendall was, in year 2007, recognized as one of the 11 distinguished Kansas State University alumni.  Kendall is the author of the sales course "Ninja Selling." Past president of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Kendall serves on the K-State College of Business Administration’s advisory board.  Mrs. Patricia Kendall also earned two degrees from K-State in 1969 and 1973 and is currently a professor of food science and human nutrition at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

The next round of Kendall Study Abroad scholarship is now open. CBA students who plan to study abroad during the summer or fall 2019 term qualify for these awards.  The deadline to apply is Friday, March 15 by 11:55 pm CST.

Kendall Study Abroad Application Form


Note: Students who plan to study abroad during spring 2020 should NOT apply at this time but wait for the next round of competition which will commence in April 2019 (deadline for this round will be October 15, 2019).  Those studying abroad during spring 2019 are ineligible as that round of competition has already closed.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to the Kendall Study Abroad Scholarships for College of Business students, there are many other scholarship available for study abroad students university-wide. Please visit the Study Abroad Office's scholarship page to learn more about the options.

Rotary Humanitarian Study Grants

These study grants are among the largest offered at K-State and are to be used to fund one year of post-baccalaureate study at a recognized university in a non-U.S. country in a study discipline that supports the Object of Rotary and the Mission of The Rotary Foundation.

Education Abroad Planning Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to assist students of high financial need who are motivated to go abroad but have financial barriers associated with the "out-of-pocket" expenses of going abroad.