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Student Finance Association

The Student Finance Association is a student-run organization that works to develop financial acumen in its members by exposing them to the financial industry. We facilitate interaction between student members and fellow peers, individuals in the business community, and faculty.

Our mission is to help students develop the professional, academic and social skills that are essential to compete successfully in today's financial job market. We do this by facilitating interaction between business leaders, faculty and fellow students as well as providing students with optimum exposure to the financial industry.

SFA members can participate in different events during the academic year:

  • Fixed Income Fund: Students manage a $47,000 bond fund and make the decision on where the money is invested
  • Trips: Recent visits have been to New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, and Omaha
  • Career Fair Social: The evening before the Career Fair, students have the opportunity to network with employers in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Academic Majors Fair: SFA members set up a booth and provide expert advice to underclassmen on what major to choose
  • Finance Advisory Board Social: SFA members have the opportunity to discuss their career goals with experienced alumni
  • All-University Open House: SFA members provide potential students with information on the College of Business Administration and reasons for choosing Finance as a major

Fall 2018 Meeting Times

The Student Finance Association will meet from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Business Building Executive Conference Room (4th Floor) on the following dates:

  • February 26

  • March 26

  • April 9

  • April 16

  • April 26


Ansley Chua, Faculty Advisor

Garrett Hazlett, President


Nathan Schmidt, Vice President 

Reagan Swank, Controller