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Business Ambassadors

The Business Ambassadors is a group of outstanding students who are selected to serve the College of Business Administration and its students.  The goals of the organization include the retention of current students and the recruitment of prospective students into the college.

2019-20 Business Ambassadors

Mission Statement

The College of Business Ambassadors work as a team to foster continual improvement of the College of Business Administration (CBA) through representation, recruitment, service, and facilitation; Business Ambassadors also maintain open communication with students and faculty/staff and help new students transition to K-State and the CBA. 

Summary of the Business Ambassador Organization

K-State Business Ambassadors are essential in two key areas:

  • First, Business Ambassadors are a select group of current business students who serve as an important representative of the College of Business Administration and K-State at on and off-campus events (recruiting and non-recruitment), interacting with prospective students and their families.
  • Second, Business Ambassadors are matched with new-to-K-State students to serve as their peer mentor and a resource during their first semester in the College of Business Administration.  

Apply to be an Ambassador

2020-2021 Academic Year Business Ambassador Application is now available!

Applications are due by Sunday, February 23 at 11:59 PM

Interviews will occur in the evenings of March 2-5


Business Ambassador Selection Criteria and Duties

Qualifications and Selection Criteria:

In order to be selected, you must be enrolled in a degree program in the College of Business, taking at least 12 credit hours per semester, and have completed GENBA 110. Students currently enrolled in GENBA 110 are eligible to apply. It is recommended that applicants have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Strong candidates will:

  • Be able to speak to their experiences in the College of Business and K-State in general
  • Be well-rounded and a positive role model to prospective and new students
  • Have strong public speaking skills
  • Be able to lead a small group and work one-on one with new students
  • Have the ability to positively present the attributes of the College of Business and K-State
  • Ability to interact with racially and ethnically diverse groups
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, initiative, dependability, open-mindedness, and self confidence
  • Have the ability to work well with others in a team environment
  • Have efficient time management skills and the ability to adapt to change
  • Have strong communication skills within teams 

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Giving tours of the College of Business building
  • Participating on student panels for on-campus events
  • Assisting at off-campus recruitment events
  • Representing the college at CBA functions
  • Serving as a peer mentor to a group of new students starting with initiating contact over the summer and maintaining contact throughout the semester
  • Attending new student events with mentee group
  • Participating in Business Ambassador training sessions throughout the Spring 2020 semester


Taylor Werner, President

Risa Brungardt, Faculty Advisor

2019-2020 Business Ambassador Leadership

President: Taylor Werner
Vice President: TBD
Treasurer/Secretary: Katrina Aleuy
Training/Recruitment Officer: Kenny Cecil
External Events Officer: Maddie Whitehead