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College of Business Administration

How to Apply

Apply to the Master's of Accountancy program at K-State

  1. Complete the Graduate School Application
  2. Pay non-refundable fee ($65 for domestic students, $75 for international students)
  3. Write a one-page statement of objectives
  4. Submit three letters of recommendation
  5. GMAT score, less than 5 years old (K-State code 6334)

    GMAT waived for students with a GPA >= 3.00 from an AACSB accredited institution

  6. International students whose native language is not English must also meet the English proficiency requirements set forth by the graduate school by achieving a satisfactory score on one of the following tests:
    TestMinimum Score
    IBT TOEFL (internet based)79
    TOEFL (PBT)550
    Pearson Test of English (PTE)58
  7. Completed affidavit of financial support (international students only)
  8. One official transcript

For additional information, please contact:

Terry Mason 

Koch Industries MAcc Director
Associate Professor of Accounting