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The National Strategic Selling Institute was made possible through our Investment Partners. Investment Partners are individuals and/or companies that have given significant monetary donations. These donors have generously provided some of the funding for the National Strategic Selling Institute (NSSI) to grow over the years, and continue to grow as we look into the future. Investment Partners are important to the history of the NSSI, as they have helped lay the foundation on which the NSSI has built, and will continue to build, for the future.

History of the National Strategic Selling Institute

nssi timeline

Individuals currently at the Investment Partner level are:

doug hill photo

Doug and Vicki Hill

larry and pat kendall

Larry and Pat Kendall

holder photo

The Vanier Family

For more information about becoming an Investment Partner, please contact Dawn Deeter, Director, at (785) 532-6880 or Darin Russell, Director of Development, at (785) 775-2085.

University Sales Center Alliance

The National Strategic Selling Institute (NSSI) is proud to be a full-member of the prestigious University Sales Center Alliance (USCA), a consortium of sales centers established in 2002 and devoted to quality and innovation in sales education and the advancement of the sales profession.

In order to become a full member of USCA, a university must (1) be a distinct entity within the college or university and recognized as such; and (2) pass the strict criteria established by the USCA with respect to faculty, structure, curriculum, affiliation, and quality. Kansas State University is one of nineteen full members in the USCA.