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K-State Entrepreneurship Internship Program

K-State’s Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship is looking for entrepreneurially minded businesses and students to participate in our new Entrepreneurship internship program.

The internship is a competitive, paid program that will feature our brightest and most promising E&I students. Our objective of the internship is two-fold – not only do we aim to provide our students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to the real world of business through an immersive internship experience, we also want to provide entrepreneurially minded businesses access to these students, at a fraction of the cost of a typical internship.

Through a partnership with the K-State’s Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship and the Center for Principled Business, the internship will be a paid position and the expected timeline of the internship will be a minimum of 8 weeks over the summer (June-July). Throughout the duration of the program, students will participate in a series of networking and learning events with other selected interns.

Information for businesses: Why participate as a business?

  • Subsidized hiring costs. The internship cost will be partly subsidized by the center, meaning you can hire an intern for less. The center will provide the student intern with a scholarship to help subsidize the total hiring cost, which will be a significant saving to your business.
  • Flexible hiring structure and work duties. Because we recognize that entrepreneurially minded businesses come in all shapes and sizes, our program is designed to be flexible to cater to your needs. We currently offer two separate tracks: A traditional internship track, and a project-based internship track:
    • Traditional internship track. This track is best suited for more developed businesses who already have internship duties/description/training plans in place. Under this model, students will work on-site/remotely (as necessary) directly under your supervision, and the business will also be responsible for handling the intern’s employment and payroll. The center will subsidize a portion of the intern’s hourly wage, through the form of a scholarship paid directly to the intern. We only ask that intern’s duties and responsibilities include frequent one-on-one contact with the founder/owner of the company.
    • Project-based internship track. This track is best suited for younger businesses who either do not have the means to administrate/coordinate the direct employment of the intern or may not have a current internship hiring plan in place, but have definite needs and specific challenges that our students can help explore in further detail. Under this model, we will agree on a project scope beforehand, and students will work remotely at our center, under OUR direct supervision instead, and the center will be responsible for handling the intern’s employment and payroll. We only ask that the business will be willing to make a $500 donation in exchange for the work completed by the interns, so we can continue to fund this program and provide these opportunities to future students and businesses.
  • Access to our brightest and most promising students. Regardless of the track you decide, our vetting process will ensure that interns selected will (a) have completed basic entrepreneurship courses prior to the start of the internship, (b) demonstrate a strong commitment and interest in an entrepreneurship career, and (c) is in good academic standing.

Information for students: Why consider an entrepreneurial internship?

  • Hands-on experience with a growing business. We recognize that finding entrepreneurial employment opportunities can be difficult and that not all larger, more formal internship programs can provide you with the experience you want. Our internship program is specifically designed for students who have a passion and interest in what it is like to own their own business. So if you are considering starting your own business in the future, this opportunity will provide you with hands-on experience, working directly under an entrepreneur, or working alongside us to identify and solve challenges that entrepreneur’s commonly face.
  • Paid summer position. Regardless of whether you work directly under the supervision of an entrepreneur or are working on projects for different entrepreneurs through the center, this internship will be a paid position – perfect for those looking for additional income over the summer months.
  • Additional benefits of networking and learning events. Our interns will benefit from a close, tight-knit cohort and throughout the course of the program, you will receive both educational and networking support to ensure your internship is a high-impact experience for you.

Contact information:

If you are a business owner and would like to be considered for this summer’s program, please contact Rachel Mui at rachelmui@ksu.edu to discuss which track options best fit your current business needs.

If you are a student and would like to apply, please email: (1) your resume and (2) a cover letter stating why you are interested in the program to rachelmui@ksu.edu. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.