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College of Business Administration

Choosing a Computer for College

What should I purchase?

The College of Business Administration recommends Windows computers. Many classes use applications that can only be run on the Windows operating system. Your instructors will typically use the Windows versions of applications in their demonstrations.

The Student Union Computer Store has many laptops for sale and often offers discounts for students. You can visit them on the ground floor of the Student Union, or go to their website.

The university recommends purchasing a laptop with an Intel Core i5 or AMD A6 processor or newer, a 240 gigabyte or larger solid state drive, and 8 gigabytes of memory or more. We do not recommend using Chromebooks or tablets as your primary computer. More information on recommended computer specifications.

What about Macs?

If you already purchased or prefer to use a Mac, there are still options available. The Business Building has computer labs located in rooms 3112, 3114, and 3121. These labs are open for student use whenever a class is not using the room. Schedules are posted next to each lab weekly.

If you want to use your own computer, you can also install virtualization software that lets you use Windows on your Mac. We recommend the Bootcamp program to do this, which is preinstalled on most Mac computers. VMware Fusion and Parallels will also work. Instructions for setting up Bootcamp.

The college also provides free Microsoft software for academic use, including the Windows operating system. Obtain a license and download the disk image (ISO) by following the instructions under Microsoft Software on our website.