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Transfer Students

Dear Transfer Students,

Welcome to the College of Business at Kansas State University! We are happy that you have selected us as your partner in fulfilling your educational goals. We are excited to get you started on your Clear Path to Success and in preparation for your orientation and enrollment day, we would like to provide you with some information that will help you transition to life at K- State.

  • * You will be assigned an appointment time with your academic advisor during the college session in the morning of your orientation day. All appointments are scheduled based on how far you live away from Manhattan, KS, e.g. if you live in Denver, Colorado you will have an earlier appointment than someone that lives in Kansas City, Kansas. Please plan to spend the entire day with us as we may not be done visiting with everyone until 5 p.m.

  • * During the 30 minutes appointment with your academic advisor, we will discuss how your transfer courses fit into our curriculum and the major of your choice as well as what courses are the best fit for your first semester is our program. Your academic advisor will then enroll you in your first semester courses. We do hold seats in business courses for transfer students on these dates so even if a course is listed as full in the K-State course schedule, we may have a seat for you!

The College of Business offers 7 majors and several certificate programs. You will earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration after completing a minimum of 120 credit hours. Our degree is divided into 3 integrated areas:

  • BAPP (Business Administration Pre-Professions program) – General requirements i.e. Math, Economics, English and other general education courses (45 credit hours).
  • Business Core Requirements – Courses that help introduce students to each of the majors offered in the College of Business Administration CBA (30 credit hours).
  • Major Requirements – Courses in your major (45 credit hours).

Below are some links that will help:

Transfer Equivalency Page – See how courses from other colleges and universities transfer to K- State.

Course schedule – View courses that are offered for the next semester

K-State Course Catalog - View course descriptions.

Curriculum - The College of Business Administration has 6 majors to choose from. View our curriculum guide, elective sheets, student curriculum worksheets and the Success Guide – our framework for academic advising and your roadmap from start to finish.

K-State First - Make the most of your first year at K-State! Consider signing up for a CAT Community or first-year seminar.


View a sample schedule - Three credit hour classes are typically three days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 50 minutes, or Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Math Placement Test Information - Algebra Exam

We look forward to seeing you and helping you be successful in our program!

Wildcat Wishes,
College of Business Academic Advising Team


Risa Langelo
Recruitment Coordinator
(785) 532-6030