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College of Business Administration

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

The College of Business Administration offers four undergraduate certificates. 

Certificate in Data Analytics

Data analytics is the extensive use of analytical tools and technologies to develop insights from structured and unstructured data. There is an increasing demand for managers and analysts with talents in managing and analyzing data and applying the findings to fact-based decisions, action, and learning. The data analytics certificate will help K-State students to distinguish themselves as “data savvy” in their professional fields.

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Certificate in International Business

The certificate in international business is open to all students, and it appeals to students seeking adventure, growth, and international exposure that will enhance their personal and professional development.  The certificate will be awarded to students who achieve a superior level of expertise in international aspects of business.  Course requirements include extensive foreign language study and international courses in different business concentrations.  Students enrolled in the certificate will have the opportunity to study abroad and/or do an internship abroad to immerse themselves in another culture.  Such an experience will create value for the students as they strive to be internationally-focused in the business world.

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Certificate in Integrated Investment Management

The certificate in integrated investment management is for students who are interested in careers in the investment management industry, owning or managing their own investment firm.  The required courses for the certificate are designed to provide students with the fundamentals of investment management and a broader business perspective of the investment management industry. In addition to three required courses, students can choose two elective courses that are best suited to their personal career choices within the investment management industry.  Students enrolled in the certificate program will also have the opportunity to apply their discipline-specific knowledge to the management of the college's Student Investment Portfolio, a student-run $750,000 investment portfolio.

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Certificate in Professional Strategic Selling

The purpose of the Certificate in Professional Strategic Selling is to provide an opportunity for Kansas State University Students to prepare for a career in sales. The certificate introduces students to the fundamentals of sales and, through our innovative curriculum and sales labs, allows them to develop the skills needed to be successful. The certificate is open to students in all majors within the University. Students will learn about sales positions in many different fields, and a sales certificate would be a great addition to any major! 

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Certificate in Data Analytics Requirements

  • Marketing Analytics Fundamentals
  • Business Analytics and Data Mining
  • Social Media Analytics and Web Mining
  • Students must choose two of the following electives:
    • Introduction to Econometrics
    • Financial Modeling
    • Managerial Decision Analytics
    • Marketing Research
    • Applications of Marketing Research
    • Business Database Systems

Certificate in International Business Requirements

  • Advanced foreign language study, Level 4 or the equivalent in a modern language offered by the Department of Modern Languages
  • An additional (6) credit hours in upper level language courses in a single language
  • World Regional Geography
  • International Marketing
  • International Management
  • International Financial Management or Development Economics
  • An approved international course in consultation with your Academic Advisor
  • An approved study abroad or international experience


Integrated Investment Management Certificate Requirements

  • Principles of Finance
  • Introduction to Integrated Investment Management
  • Investment Management Concepts
  • Students must choose two of the following:
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Security & Portfolio Analysis
    • Computer Systems for Finance and Investment Management
    • Topics in Financial Services


Professional Strategic Selling Certificate Requirements

For non-marketing majors

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Professional Selling
  • Sales Management
  • Advances Sales

For marketing majors

  • Professional Selling
  • Sales Management
  • Advanced Sales

Elective courses (marketing majors choose 2, non-marketing majors choose 1)

  • Business Marketing
  • Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Design
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Persuasion

Entry into the PSS Certificate program will be competitive.  Students must apply and be accepted to the program via a behaviorally-based interview process conducted by faculty and corporate partners. Students must earn a minimum of 2.50 grade point average on courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in Professional Strategic Selling. Students must earn at least 50% of credits that apply to the certificate from Kansas State University or an approved university affiliate of the university in a foreign country. Applications for admission will be processed twice a year.