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College of Business Administration

Majors and Undergraduate Programs

You can be a business student from the first day of classes at Kansas State University.

Undergraduate business students have a unique opportunity to start taking business courses during their first year. Business Foundations (GENBA 110) is typically the first business class you will complete. This class teaches you the basics of business from finance to management and helps you get involved within the college and whole university. You can declare your business major between 45 and 60 credit hours and will follow a sequence of classes that will prepare you for a career in your area of choice. 

The College of Business Administration offers six undergraduate majors: 

and two minors:

In addition, the college offers four undergraduate certificates, which will give you the expertise in subjects that are in high demand; data analyticsinternational business, professional strategic selling and integrated investment management.

We also offer a distance education program in General Business, geared towards those students who are completing a previously-started degree, working professionals or busy individuals.

A major in business, whether it is accounting or marketing, can become a lifelong career or enhance your future career in music, sports or technology, as well as give you skills that you will find necessary for your personal life for years to come.