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College of Business Administration

Your Clear Path to Success

What do you want to achieve? K-State can get you there or help you find the answer. Whether you want to work at a large firm or change the business world with a new venture, you can reach your goals here. This is what we offer:

Career Development

There is much more to learn at college than academics, and we are ready to help you become the well-rounded professional that companies are looking for. Our Career Development office offers a unique program designed to enrich your academic education with the skills you need to become a great professional. We have lectures, networking, resume-building and job placement events, and many other events to put you in the path to the career of your dreams.

Business Executive Mentor Program

Every student in the College of Business Administration is matched with an Executive Mentor, who is an experienced professional in their field. This professional relationship, which lasts through your four years in college (and beyond), will enhance your academic career and will put you on the path to success in life.

Study Abroad

When you study abroad you’ll earn academic credit, gain a new perspective, and network with friends from around the world. Scholarships are available for study abroad, and you can choose from many programs. The college offers business-specific programs, and faculty-led trips, as well as those offered by K-State.  You can visit more than 70 different countries, including Czech Republic, India, China, Mexico, Sweden, France, Australia, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The experiences you will gain are invaluable, for example; Students enrolled in an international business course toured the world headquarters of German automaker BMW and checked out the headquarters of the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, in Munich. A finance student created a microlending program in Kenya that allows African business leaders to provide better products like energy-efficient stoves.

Careers and internships

At K-State learning is more than reading your textbook, attending class and taking tests. You can dive into hands-on learning and gain real-world experience through internships. Hundreds of companies recruit interns on campus every year, and graduates go on to work for some of the most well-known companies in the world. We offer free services to help you find the right career, and put you in touch with recruiters through out the year.


Being active on campus and in the College of Business Administration will give you skills that can only be gained by experience, such as organization and leadership, and give you a network that you can rely on during college and into your professional life. Choose from one of the 14 student clubs and organizations in the college, or start one of your own


Walking around Calvin Hall you will find students, faculty and staff from many different states, countries and backgrounds. We pride ourselves of the diversity of our student body, with students from Asia, inner city Kansas City, and rural communities through out the country studying and working together. We have several programs geared towards multicultural students, including a mentoring program and the Multicultural Business Student Association.


At the College of Business Administration you will learn by doing. Think of a new business idea and compete to win thousands of dollars in prize money in the K-State Launch competition, or join the Students in Free Enterprise team to develop community outreach projects that benefit those in need, and present the results at regional and national competitions. The possibilities are endless.

Lecture series

The college sponsors lectures through the year, attending these will often give you class credit, but more importantly you will be able to meet and interact with highly successful people, such as:

  • Joseph Searles, president of Joseph Searles & Company, Inc.
  • Chuck Warta, Vice President Cargill Animal Nutrition 
  • Rand Berney, Senior Vice President Corporate Shared Services at ConocoPhillips
  • J.P. Bilbrey, President and CEO of The Hershey Company

Centers and Initiatives

Our centers and initiatives offer opportunities for specialization within the business world, whether you are looking to gear your career towards investment management, or are interested in business ethics, we have the programs to get your there. Our centers and initiatives include:

At the College of Business Administration we give you the tools to succeed, all you have to do is work hard and be involved.