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College of Business Administration

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General Business Bachelor's Degree Completion

Through the Kansas State University Global Campus, the College of Business Administration offers an online General Business bachelor's degree completion program

General Business bachelor's degree completion program
The General Business undergraduate degree provides a solid understanding of the fundamental areas in business: finance, accounting, management, and marketing. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the diverse environment of the business world.To apply for the program, students must have completed 45 credit hours and have a 2.5 transfer GPA from an accredited institution(s)General Business Bachelor's Degree Completion program (Link to K-State Global Campus) 

Program Requirements and Curriculum

Professional MBA

In partnership with the K-State Global Campus, the college offers a Master's of Business Administration for working professionals. Learn more about the Professional MBA online (Link to K-State Global Campus)

Graduate Certificates

The college also offers three graduate certificate programs through the K-State Global Campus. When completed, the credits earned can be used toward the Master's in Business Administration requirements. 

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

This certificate program gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge on the functional areas of business administration. Students must complete five business courses, a total of 15 credits, and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

In response to the growing demand for educational resources and skill development in the mining, management and interpretation of “Big Data,” a 15-credit-hour online graduate certificate program is offered to enable students to increase their knowledge and to prepare them for expanding opportunities in this high demand area. The certificate will offer courses in both data science and data analytics to enable students to learn how to mine and effectively communicate the meanings of large data sets.

The area of Data Analytics is broad, and the skill needs of professionals in this area span both technical data science capabilities and applied data analytics capabilities. As such, the certificate brings together courses that are foundational to knowledge and skill development in both data sciences and applied data analytics, in order to provide alternatives to develop a personalized plan to meet the needs of individual students in the program. 

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership

This program offers the opportunity to enhance creative abilities, help develop technical skills and knowledge of business trends to move into a higher-level leadership position in a professional career.  Students must complete 15 credits and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

The K-State Global Campus provides adult students with the opportunity to pursue their personal and professional goals without leaving a current job or family. In our programs, some classes are taught at locations near your home and others are entirely online. Most incorporate a combination of teaching tools including CDs, chat rooms, message boards, online assignments, interactive technologies and other innovations. Our innovative use of technology can help you have it all.


Student and Faculty Services

Kansas State University Global Campus
1615 Anderson
Manhattan KS, 66502
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SazisaniI wanted to complete my degree, and I was thrilled to learn that Kansas State University could offer me a degree completion program.”

Sazisani Viki, Orlando, Fla. 
General Business

Meet Sazisani

Benefits of Online Education

  • Complete coursework over the lunch hour, on the weekends or when the kids are in bed
  • Finish a degree that life may have derailed for a time
  • New career direction
  • Partner on projects with classmates from all over the country or the world
  • Be a role model for your kids as they see you set and achieve your goals